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GTIA Management

Selling or Refinancing Your Property

Anyone selling or refinancing within Green Trails will need a Statement of Account (PAL – Paid Assessment Letter) required by the Title Company. A $100 fee will apply. A Paid Assessment Letter Form must be submitted at least ten days in advance of closing or a late fee may apply. The late fee will be waived for refinancing.

Renting Out Your Property

If an owner(s) rents out their Green Trail’s property, the GTIA Association requires that Management is notified of the property owner's forwarding address so that all correspondence and billing for their GTIA property is directed to the correct location. Call 630-415-8293 to provide the correct information.

Architectural Control Improvement Request

Modifications within the common area require approval of the Board via the (ACIAR - Architectural Control Improvement Application Request). If the Board approves such modifications, specific requirements will be provided along with the approved ACIAR.

Green Trails Improvement Association

P.O. Box 3106

Lisle, IL 60532-8106

Phone: (630) 415-8293


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