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Frequently Asked Questions

How many units are there in Green Trails?

  • 1,675 - single family homes

  • 396 - condominium units

  • 440 - rental apartment units

Who pays an annual assessment to GTIA?   

Every unit in Green Trails pays an annual assessment of approximately $180 to the Association. Payment is due on January 1st each year. Please contact Management for the current assessment rate. The funds are used for the maintenance of and insurance coverage on the common elements: 50+ acres of green belt (grass); approximately 17 miles of asphalt trails; and 200 trail lights.

How many miles of trails are in Green Trails?  

There are approximately 25 miles of continuous trails throughout the subdivision: approximately 17 miles belonging to and maintained by GTIA and approximately 8 owned and maintained by the Lisle Park District.

Does Management need to be notified of a property sale? If an owner is refinancing?

Yes to both questions. Anyone selling or refinancing within Green Trails will need a Statement of Account (PAL – Paid Assessment Letter). A PAL form can be found on the Contact The Management Company tab. A $100 fee will apply. Requests must be made at least ten days in advance of closing or a late fee may apply.

Does Management need to be notified if a property is to be rented?

Yes, to ensure that Management has a valid address for the owner. Call (630) 415-8293 to provide the information.

How do I report a trail light or street light outage/damage?   

Report trail light outages or damage to Management. The number on the pole will be needed when notifying Management.  Reporting the light number will help management identify the location of the light and arrange for it to be repaired.  If you cannot determine the number of the light, provide management the nearest address to it.

Management does not do night inspections along the trails, we depend upon residents to notify management of any outage.  Depending on their location, trail lights are maintained by GTIA or the Park District. A street light outage (very tall poles) should be reported to the Village of Lisle Public Works Operations Department (630) 271-4180.  Otherwise, Management will work with the Park District if you report a problem with a Park District light. It’s important to keep the trail lights in Green Trails working properly.  If everyone helps by reporting light pole outages and/or damage, we can keep Green Trails well-lit and safe.

Are pets allowed to run loose in Green Trails?

No. There is a Village of Lisle ordinance requiring a pet (dogs and cats) to be leashed and controlled by its owner at all times, unless obedient to a responsible person’s command, anywhere within the Village. Also, pet owners are required by this same ordinance to immediately remove and dispose of any excreta deposited by the animal.

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