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Green Trails Improvement Association
Maintenance Committee


The Maintenance Committee has oversight responsibility for maintaining and improving GTIA properties in accordance with the Association charter and Board-approved practices. In cooperation with the Finance Committee, Maintenance Committee proposes the budget for maintenance projects and improvement initiatives. Requests from residents to improve the common areas are reviewed by the Committee, and recommendations to approve or reject the requests are submitted to the Board for action.

Additionally, the Committee encourages residents to become involved with maintenance activities. This allows residents to become more familiar with the common area and participate in a productive and enjoyable experience.


The Maintenance Committee holds meetings as needed. They typically walk certain sections of the association property to inspect the trails and adjoining property. They report problems to Management and to the Board as appropriate. When contract work is ongoing, in conjunction with Management the Maintenance Committee monitors progress and reports difficulties.

Resident Improvements to Common Areas

Residents requesting to improve or otherwise modify common areas belonging to GTIA are required to submit an Architecture Control Improvement Application to Management. Management then verifies all information so the Maintenance Committee can review the request in detail and submit its recommendations to the Board.


The Maintenance Committee budget covers three main areas: turf and trees, accent areas, and trail maintenance. These items comprise the major part of the annual budget. During the year the Committee develops plans for continuing maintenance and improvement projects. The Committee bases a budget for the following year upon those plans, coupled with historical information and cost projections. The Committee then submits those items to the Finance Committee for inclusion in the GTIA budget.

Resident Activities

In instances where it would be cost effective and reasonable for residents to participate in improvement or maintenance projects, the Maintenance Committee will organize and monitor such activities.

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