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Green Trails Improvement Association
Finance Committee


  • Prepare the proposed annual budget, with input from the Maintenance Committee and Management. Base it upon a review of previous years’ actual expenses along with projected costs. Present the proposed budget to the Board for comments, adjustments, and ultimately, approval.

  • Recommend to the Board any changes to the annual assessment amount. Provide rationale and projected long term effects.

  • Publish the approved budget in the October issue of the Green Trails Pathfinder.

  • Review monthly actual and proposed expenditures in relationship to the budget to prevent unintentional overspending. Review with the Board the effects of any proposed unbudgeted expenditures. 

2022 Green Trails Association Budget Components

Investment of Operation Fund Balances

  • Make recommendations to the Board on the vehicles to be used and the period of investment for Operating Fund balances.

Replacement Fund Management

  • Make recommendations to the Board on the vehicles to be used and the period of investments for Replacement Fund balances.

  • Update annually the projected future replacement fund balance schedule.

Accounting & Reporting

  • Review existing procedures and policies on a continuing basis and make recommendations, as may be war anted, to the Board.

Special Projects

  • As the need arises, provide assistance to the treasurer on special projects.


  • Make recommendations on the hiring of an auditing firm to be used for the annual audit and preparation of Form 990 (Organizations Exempt from Income Tax).

  • Review the audit with the auditor.


  • Scheduled when needed.

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