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Use of Green Trail Common Areas and Facilities

Liz Sullivan

Mar 9, 2022

No Common Area is Available for the Sole Use of a Single Resident or Household

Your GTIA Board is charged with the responsibility for maintaining all common areas (CA) deeded to the Association. While all the CA is available for the use and enjoyment of all GT residents, no area is available for the sole use of a single resident or household. Consequently, any form of permanent or extended-period encroachment in or on the CA is prohibited, absent specific authorization by the GTIA Board. GTIA has established guidelines and policies to address encroachment issues affecting the CA and is in the process of inspecting the CA to identify current violations. In some instances, issues will be referred to the Village of Lisle authorities for assistance.

GTIA’s CA runs contiguous with Lisle Park District (LPD) properties. As such, GTIA and LPD experience similar types of encroachments. In a collaborative effort, the two organizations will share information and observations to resolve such issues expeditiously. Of primary concern are four (4) types of encroachments which are causing significant concern: drainage or restrictions of stormwater flow into and through the common areas; installation of structures, equipment, or materials on the common areas; installation of unauthorized landscaping within the common areas; and dumping of waste material in or on the common areas.

Homeowners are encouraged to check their property boundaries, local regulations, and deed restrictions prior to modifying drainage plans, installing permanent or semi-permanent materials, or changing landscaping to ensure that they are in full compliance. Dumping of any materials in or on the common area is strictly prohibited. In the event residents have questions they should contact GTIA or the LPD offices for guidance or clarification.

We recognize that the boundaries between private property and either LPD or GTIA property are not always easy to ascertain. Where boundaries may be difficult to discern, the homeowner should consult his/her plat of survey. LPD and GTIA personnel are available to meet on site to assist with property identification.

As spring weather approaches, GTIA and LPD personnel will begin regular inspections of the common properties in preparation for seasonal maintenance activities. Any violations observed will be addressed in accordance with the respective organization’s policies. Homeowners who have been previously advised of issues in accordance with the GTIA policies and who have failed to remediate the encroachments will be notified of subsequent GTIA actions, which can include fines and remediation at the homeowner(s)’ expense.

Additional information regarding regulations and policies can be found on the GTIA website,, or by calling 630-415-8293. For information pertaining to LPD property information, please contact Aaron Cerutti at or by calling 630-353-4381.

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