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Green Trails Improvement Association Annual Billing

The bills for the 2024 annual assessment should be delivered by December 1, 2023. The assessment amount will again be $180. Please watch for your assessment bill to arrive. Payment is due January 1, 2024. After February 1, 2024, all accounts that haven’t been paid will be assessed a $20 administrative fee to make the total amount due $200 rather than $180. Please make note of the deadline date of February 1, 2024, to avoid additional fees.

All payments should be mailed to GTIA at P.O. Box 3106 Lisle, IL 60532-8106. Please make your check payable to Green Trails Improvement Association and include your Account Number on the face of your check. Payments can also be submitted through your online banking service but must include your Account Number.

If you have not received your bill, please call the office at 630-415-8293 as soon as possible. Also, please check the return coupon carefully and verify that your name, phone number, and email address are correct. If your phone or email address is missing, please advise the office so we can update your information on file. If you are a tenant, please make sure the owner of the property gets the bill, or in the alternative, contact our office with the address of the owner, and we will notify that person directly. Thank you for your cooperation. Please call 630-415-8293 or email if you have any questions.


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