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Green Trails Purview

The Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA) is an Illinois not-for-profit association that maintains approximately 55 acres of property called the Common Area (CA) within the Green Trails subdivision. This includes approximately 16 miles of primarily asphalt trails that weave throughout the Green Trails (GT) subdivision. 

The elected GTIA Board (Board) is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the CA in accordance with the GTIA Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR) which is available at The Board has no responsibility, authority, jurisdiction, or control over what happens on other property such as that owned by the Village of Lisle, the Lisle Park District, right-of-ways, streets, or sidewalks not included in the CA. Additionally, the Board does not enforce deed restrictions for private properties within GT nor can the Board enforce village ordinances. 

A key responsibility for the Board is to enforce DCCR provisions regarding encroachments upon or activities taking place within the CA. Association Members (Member) and others including their contractors, by virtue of the DCCR, are obligated to conform to the provisions of this governing document. In the event that violations are found, the Board will take action to have any infraction remediated in accordance with the Board’s Violations Policy. 

Should any Member have questions regarding the above matters, please contact the GTIA Manager.


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