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GTIA Tree Replacement Plan

Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA) is currently developing a practicable plan to replace trees that have been lost over the past few years due to environmental and other factors. Many of the species previously planted are no longer viable and consequently current efforts are focused on determining which species of trees would be most suitable to plant within the common areas. Selection factors under consideration include survivability given the current environmental conditions, maintainability, and suitability for specific locations. Since both the Lisle Park District and the Village of Lisle Public Works are engaged in similar programs, Management has been in contact with them to share and obtain learnings.

While GTIA investigates alternatives to rationally address the loss of tree inventory it also needs to strictly enforce regulations prohibiting others from installing unauthorized trees within the common area. Mature tree roots from trees planted too close to the pathway can cause damage to the trail system, as well as create other problems within the common areas and the costs to address these issues can be substantial.

Simultaneously, GTIA is engaged in a program to address invasive species growing within the common areas. Any future planting of trees in the common areas will need to take into consideration impacts on the execution and objectives of this program.


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