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Residential Fencing Within Green Trails

Approval of residential fencing within Green Trails is not included in Green Trails Improvement Association’s (GTIA’s) purview. However, if any fence encroaches into the Common Area, the owner will be required to move the encroachment off of the Common Area and address the matter consistent with GTIA’s Violations Policy, viewable via the Green Trails website,

At a minimum, prior to installing fencing, it is recommended that the homeowner determine their exact property boundaries, check any deed restrictions in effect for their area, and secure a building permit from the Village of Lisle. The homeowner should recognize that a permit issued by the Village of Lisle is not confirmation that the boundaries have been surveyed or otherwise assure that the fence has been or will be installed on the homeowner’s property, nor does it imply that the deed restrictions have been reviewed for that installation. The onus to ensure that permitted fencing has been installed within the homeowner’s property boundaries rests with the homeowner.


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