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Residential Storm Water Drainage

Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA) has been receiving an increasing number of calls concerning drainage issues. Upon inspection, it has been determined that many of these issues involve residential property owners channeling drainage from roof drains and/or sump pumps onto GTIA Common Areas (CAs). In addition to creating hazardous conditions for path users, this situation has resulted in turf and path damage.

Any drainage collected on private property is to be discharged within that same property and with consideration of any designated setback. GTIA does not allow direct discharge onto the Common Area.

Additionally, the Village of Lisle (VOL) has published rules for discharging stormwater, which are available on the VOL website under Stormwater and Floodplain Regulations. They state: The discharge of any sump pump, downspout, or other piped discharge must drain across a minimum of ten feet (10') of pervious surface prior to leaving the site or shall otherwise be mitigated. (Ord. 2021-4935, 11-15-2021). See Area deed restrictions also address drainage issues and should be consulted before making modifications to private property.

Annual CA inspections are underway and GTIA does enforce the Green Trails “Violations and Fines Policy” when violations are noted within or when they affect the CAs. This policy is available on the GTIA website,

Residents are requested to check their water drainage discharge points and take remedial action if they find that they are in violation of the GTIA, VOL, or Deed Restriction regulations.


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