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Pruning – Do Your Part to Maintain Our Paths

Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA) contractors have begun pruning activities along the Common Area (CA) trails. Properly maintained landscaping along the trail system helps to maintain sight distances in addition to making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to use. In consideration of cost and frequency of this maintenance item, our contractor has been instructed to trim as far back into the CA as practical.

Homeowners are encouraged to keep the trees and bushes rooted on their property from overgrowing onto or over the CA's, particularly when such growth impedes passage along the trails or obstructs the lights. For multi-use trails, such as those in Green Trails, tree limbs and vegetation must be cut back from the edge of and at least 8 feet above the path. Additionally, any vegetation obstructing pathway lighting must be removed.

Should GTIA find overgrowth from private property extending into the CA, contractors are instructed to trim to the property boundary but will not extend trimming into the private property. GTIA and its contractors will not take responsibility for any adverse impact to landscaping due to trimming. Consequently, it would be in the best interests of the homeowners to monitor and conduct trimming of any overgrowth emanating from their property.

Please direct any questions regarding this issue to GTIA Management (630) 415-8293 or by email at


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