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Be A Good Neighbor - Do Not Deposit Yard Waste On GTIA Common Areas

The dumping of yard waste or other unwanted materials onto the Green Trails Common Areas (CA) is strictly prohibited. In view of recent increases in this type of activity, Green Trails Improvement Association (GTIA) will begin to report such incidents to the appropriate Village of Lisle authorities.

Depositing such materials into the CA’s not only detracts from the appearance of the Green Trails neighborhood, but also has the potential to create storm water drainage problems, mowing impediments, and a general increase in the cost of maintaining the property under GTIA’s purview. The Village of Lisle offers multiple ways to properly dispose of yard waste.

If you witness anyone taking part in such activities or observe areas where materials have been dumped, please contact GTIA Management at (630) 415-8293 or by email at


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